Seed Library

The Seed Lending Library here at the Camarillo Public Library is intended to provide nearby communities with resources to get started growing open-pollinated and heirloom seeds as well as a way to share seeds harvested from those plants among community members.   

Additionally, we have a companion app available for free in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores. It has information on the different varieties as well as other resources and tips for growing vegetables from seed and saving the seed from your plants.

We don’t require you to bring back seed that you have saved, but any that you can save and return will allow the Seed Lending Library to continue to provide a variety of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for the community.

Where can I check out the seeds?

The seed cabinet is located near the circulation desk on the first floor. In order to ‘check out’ seeds, you can either fill out a paper form in the binder or the online form through the app.

What does it mean for seeds to be open-pollinated vs. hybrid?

Open-pollinated seeds have been pollinated by natural means (wind, insects, birds, etc) as opposed to controlled pollination by humans. This means that the plants produce genetically diverse seed, and this seed will grow plants true to the type of the parent plant.

Hybrid seeds result from controlled pollination by humans crossing two different varieties of plants in order to breed for a certain trait. Seed saved from hybrid plants may be considerably less vigorous than the parent plant. Hybrid seeds are useful for growing vigorous plants for one generation, but if the goal is to save seed that can be passed on, the plants need to be non-hybrid—that is, open-pollinated.   





For more information about the Seed Lending Library, please write to [email protected] or call 805-388-5222.