Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Please note that library staff can assist you with accessing items that meet your needs. Please call (805) 388-5222. For items with a publication date within the last two years OR for popular older items, the quickest way to receive an item that is not currently in the catalog is to complete a Suggestion for Purchase form online, over the phone, or in the library.

1. What are interlibrary loans (ILLs)?

ILLs are generally uncommon print materials loaned to the Camarillo Public Library by other libraries. Sometimes they are lent to us on condition that they are read in the library rather than being checked out. Each ILL costs $30-$38 to retrieve and process. Please consider this when making your ILL request as library staff may be able to help you with quicker and more effective ways of meeting your needs. Items will be held behind the front desk for one week. Please be considerate of the lending library’s expectations by returning the item by the due date.

2. What should I request through ILL?

Rare or expensive print materials that are not available in the Camarillo Public Library catalog and which have a publication date of two years ago or older can be requested through ILL. For items with a publication date within the last two years OR older items that may be more readily available OR multimedia items (audio books, CDs, DVDs), please submit a suggestion for purchase via the online form, over the phone, or in the library. For example, if we are missing title #4 in a series, even though it is 5 years old, please complete a suggestion for purchase form.

3. How do I request an ILL?

Library staff can help you find your item, but if you would like to make an ILL request remotely please search WorldCat at this link to see if and where the print material may be available. Then call the library at (805) 388-5811 or come in and speak with a library staff at the Adult or Juvenile reference desks. You will need your Camarillo Public Library card and information about the material to place a request.

4. When may I expect to receive notice that my ILL has arrived?

ILL delivery time will vary based on several factors: the material's availability at the owning library, the willingness of the owning library to lend the material, the location of the owning library, and delivery time via US mail. In general, it may take 3 or more weeks for the lending library to respond.

6. How will I be notified that an ILL has arrived?

Notification will be provided by email or phone.

7. May ILLs be renewed?

Renewals of ILLs must be approved by the lending library. Please inform us a week prior to the due date if a renewal is needed.

8. What is the maximum number of ILL requests that I may place on my account?

The maximum number of ILL requests at any one time is 5.


Request an ILL


For further help please email [email protected] or call us at (805) 388-5222. Camarillo Public Library staff are always happy to assist you.